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Welcome to Field Studies!

Greetings!  We are in the process of building this combination website/blog to present and document the process of Field Studies at the High School level. Our intent is to provide teachers and parents with the background of these challenging project-based learning experiences and to show them how they […]

For a Local Medical Clinic . . .

The team surveyed patients regarding their views on the medical and non-medical services provided by the clinic.  This field study was sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA), and the findings, conclusions and recommendations were presented to both the clinic and to the AMA for review and implementation.

For a City Council . . .

The student team was asked to investigate community service programs from around the nation in order to identify the “top ten” that might meet the criteria for local youth programs.  The team used the resources of the Internet to post inquiries on e-mail list servers, the world wide […]

For a Local Retailer . . .

The student team was asked to conduct interviews of customers of a local copy shop to determine customer satisfaction with products and services offered by the business.  The students were asked to develop findings and conclusions and to make recommendations that the business could use to improve its […]