The Interview Guide

The team then met to draft the interview guide questions – and this was a detailed task.  The team had to design questions that were “open ended” 0 that is, no presentation of response alternatives, no questions that merely needed a “Yes” or “No” answer, and wording that encouraged patients to offer specific examples to illustrate his/her point.

Each question was carefully crafted and read aloud so that the team could offer constructive criticism.  A “rule” used by the team – in fact, a “rule” that should be used by ALL Field Study teams – was that each question when asked to an individual should be read VERBATIM – no use of the phrase, “in other words . . . ” or simply “winging it.”  This is very important to ensure that all questions asked of the many individuals to be interviewed are exactly the same so that the answers can be compared during the analysis phase.

When the interview guide was completed and interviews scheduled, the students went out into the field to collect their data.

You can view the actual interview guided used in this Field Study by clicking on the link below.

Interview Guide