Assessment of student performance in a Field Study is done by what is commonly known as “Authentic Assessment.”  Authentic assessment requires judgement, method, refinement, accuracy and justified responses.  The “test” involves a demonstration of excellence at known and difficult tasks.  Students must “DO” – they must use and demonstrate their knowledge in a REAL SITUATION.  Students’ knowledge is tested as “know-how” – their effectiveness in fashioning a quality product, their active participation as a member of the Field Study team, their management of time, and their articulation of results are the key measures of excellence.

The 1992 SCANS document presented the difference between ‘Typical tests’ and ‘Authentic tests.’  You can access the table showing these differences by clicking on the link below.

Typical Test vs Authentic Tests

In all of the Field Studies conducted by the Critical Skills Group, the performance appraisals as illustrated in the example document below were used.  As you can see, at the time these Field Studies were conducted, the set of skills against which the students were measured was the SCANS Foundation Skills and Competencies.


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