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If you decide to embark on a Field Study with a team of students, feel free to call me at 630-728-5785.  This is FREE – NO CHARGE.

This entire combination website/blog presents the results of work conducted by Mr. Charles Jett and Mr. Joe McKee and published in 1995 as “Field Studies – Challenging Project-Based Learning Experiences.”  Copyright © 1995 by Charles Jett and Joe McKee. All rights reserved.

The purpose of “Field Studies” is to provide high school and perhaps junior college students with an opportunity to learn and practice the “Critical Skills.”  This is done through their participation in a challenging project-based learning experience that may be applied with small businesses and not for profit organizations in any community.  It offers guidelines to the conduct of educationally relevant projects that are meaningful to students while letting them interact with the “real world.”

The foundation for the Field Study concept is based on research into the kinds of skills employers everywhere are looking for in graduates from the nation’s schools – from high schools to community colleges to colleges and universities and to graduate schools – across all professions.  This research resulted in the development of the “Critical Skills” which are described in a separate website/blog that can be accessed by clicking on the words “Critical Skills.”

Field Studies are not easy; but they are not “student limited.”  Students have proved time and time again that they have the capability to conduct such projects.  Rather, Field Studies seem to be “teacher limited” in two ways:

  • many teachers do not have the requisite training to supervise such projects;
  • teachers are focused on standardized test scores.

Those limitations, however, do not excuse the schools or teachers from conducting rich learning experiences.

Our students need these experiences.

Let’s give them the opportunity to learn!

This combination website/blog will show you how Field Studies may be done.

Field Studies

Field Studies